TOP-10 Most Expensive CS:GO players (May 8, 2023)

Hey, Esports fans! We have some exciting news to share with you! We updated the player's worth who are participating in the BLAST Paris Major tournament. We did our research and found out how much these players are worth. But wait, there's more! We'll be adding more teams' values to the list soon! Also, we have a discord server where you can discuss and share your opinions on this topic with other fans.

TOP-10 Most Expensive CS:GO players (May 8, 2023)
Position Player Team Market Value (EPV-1)
1 s1mple NAVI $4.85M
2 ZywOo Vitality $3.8M
3 ropz FaZe $2.7M
4 NiKo G2 $2.65M
5 m0nesy G2 $2.6M
6 Twistzz FaZe $2.5M
7 electronic NAVI $2.45M
9 frozen MOUZ $2.12M
10 B1T NAVI $2M

S1mple is the first player on our top-10 list and his market value is estimated to be $4.85M. We believe that the maximum possible price for a CS:GO player on the current market is around $5M, so s1mple's value is close to perfection. Although his stats this year are not his best, his media presence, team success, and top-1 ranking in 2022 are truly remarkable.

The second player on our list is the legendary ZywOo, who needs no introduction. With a market value of $3.8M, he has proven himself as one of the best players in the CS:GO scene.

The third player we want to highlight is ropz. He's been performing consistently well, even ranking in the top 8 on the HLTV-20 list in 2022. At only 23 years old, his skills and game knowledge are impressive. He has an impressive record of playing in 72.2% of games with a rating of 1+ (hltv 2.0 against top-30 teams) with an average hltv 2.0 rating of 1.17. Additionally, he's a major winner and Intel Grand Slam winner, making him a valuable player to any team.

NiKo, who is ranked fourth on our list, remains a media sensation for being part of one of the top four teams in the world. However, he has been less consistent in recent months, with a 1.10 HLTV 2.0 rating against top-30 teams, which is slightly lower than his historical average of 1.15 or 1.19 in the past year.

Note that the hltv 2.0 comparison is just one aspect of our player evaluation, and we have considered other factors in determining their market value. We aim to provide a comprehensive analysis for both avid esports fans and those new to the scene.

M0nesy has made it to the top-5, but it's a bit difficult to judge his true value as he is a young rising star of G2. We've heard from insiders that his transfer price was somewhere in the range of $600-700K. However, he's been showing great improvement and consistency in G2 with a remarkable 1.18 rating against top-30 teams. His opening duel stats are impressive too, with 84 wins and 62 losses (G2 won 77.4% of rounds after the first kill).

Twistzz is ranked 6th on our list, largely due to his strong fanbase and his team's performance over the past year. While his individual performance in the last 3 months has been weaker than his average, it's worth noting that FaZe has only played 36 maps during this time period.

In 7th and 8th place, we have electronic and KSCERATO. Electronic is known as one of the best IGLs in the world right now, with stats that are 20-30% higher than the average IGL in the BLAST Paris Major. Plus, his English skills are improving, which is important for our valuations. KSCERATO is a top player from Brazil and has consistently been in the HLTV top-20 list (#8 in 2022). He has incredible HLTV ratings of 1.22 against top-30 teams in the last 3 months and 1.21 against top-10 teams.

Frozen has been a key player for his team with an impressive 1.22 rating against top-30 teams. He has shown great consistency with 85.2% of his games resulting in a rating of 1 or higher.

And rounding out our top-10 is B1T. While his recent performance has dipped slightly, he remains an important player for his team, and his impressive 69.8% headshot percentage is a testament to his skill. Some may argue that he's overpriced, and in certain situations, that may be true. However, we anticipate his price to decrease significantly if NAVI doesn't come out on top in BLAST Paris Major.

Please note that this ranking includes only the BLAST Paris Major participants. We will be updating our website soon to include other players. Do you think sh1ro deserves to be in the top 10 despite their underwhelming performance in the Major? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter at @etransfersgg.

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