CS:GO's Top Clutch Players: Who Dominated Clutches in the Past 12 Months

In the heart-pounding world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, clutch moments can turn an ordinary match into an unforgettable showdown. Over the past 12 months, we've witnessed some extraordinary performances in clutch scenarios. In this article, we dive into the statistics to unveil the CS:GO players who have excelled in various clutch situations.

Clutch situations are moments when a single player stands alone against multiple opponents, defying the odds and securing victory for their team. These situations are not just tests of skill but also of nerves, strategy, and adaptability. Now, let's explore who reigned supreme in each of these categories over the past year.

The Leaderboard: 1v5 Masters

1v5 Clutches (365 days, All games)
Place Nickname Clutches
1st nawwk 2
2nd Woro2k 1
2nd kyxsan 1
2nd Krimbo 1
2nd zevy 1
2nd sinnopsyy 1
2nd notaN 1
2nd cadiaN 1
2nd niko 1
2nd JT 1


While nawwk isn't the only player to secure 2 1v5 clutches in the past year, what's truly impressive is that he achieved this feat within just a week in February. His first 1v5 occurred on Overpass against Young Ninjas, followed by another incredible clutch on Inferno against Coalesce.

nawwk vs Coalesce (1v5)

nawwk vs Young Ninjas (1v5)

1v4 Masters

1v4 clutches (365 days, All games)
Place Nickname Clutches
1st Woro2k 5
1st XELLOW 5
2nd Kylar 4
2nd Jimpphat 4
3rd Lucky 3
3rd ZywOo 3
3rd adamS 3

In the realm of 1v4 clutches over the past year, Woro2k and XELLOW have emerged as leaders. Notably, Woro2k has played a staggering 339 maps during this period, demonstrating both his clutch abilities and dedication. Meanwhile, XELLOW, with 218 maps played, shows impressive clutch skills despite fewer games under his belt.

1v3 Masters

1v3 clutches (365 days, All games)
Place Nickname Clutches
1st Woro2k 17
1st adamS 17
2nd Lucky 14
2nd nawwk 14
3rd ropz 13

In the domain of 1v3 clutches, Woro2k and adamS shine brightly with 17 successful attempts each. Not far behind, Lucky and nawwk boast 14 impressive clutches. ropz secures the third spot with 13 successful 1v3s. These players demonstrate remarkable prowess in navigating challenging situations and securing victories for their teams.


1v2 Masters

1v2 clutches (365 days, All games)
Place Nickname Clutches
1st nawwk 56
2nd DemQQ 47
2nd sobol 47
3rd krimbo 46
3rd hades 46

In the realm of 1v2 clutches over the past year, nawwk emerges as the undisputed leader with an impressive 56 successful clutches. What's even more astonishing is that he achieved this feat while playing 264 maps, a number that's surpassed by DemQQ and sobol, who each played 336 maps.


In the third spot, Krimbo and hades shine with 46 successful clutches, demonstrating their clutch abilities across 253 and 297 maps, respectively.
These players continue to provide unforgettable moments that define the essence of competitive esports.

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