TOP-10 Most Expensive CS:GO players

Hey, Esports fans! We have updated all of the Major Participant prices and will be adding new players tomorrow! Prices have changed for many players, so you can explore them in the players' profiles. Soon, we will add a feature that allows you to track all the market value changes. Currently, it's only available for transfers.

Market values of the CS:GO players


Here is a list of featured players:

s1mple: $4.85M -> $4.15M

Oleksandr Kostylev's value has decreased since he played the worst major so far, with a 1.07 HLTV rating. This has affected his Consistency parameter. Moreover, there have been many instances of his toxicity, which clearly does not have a positive effect on his team, especially during the Major.


ZywOo: $3.8M -> $3.9M

The Major trophy was essential forZywOo in this version of the game. He finished the Major with an incredible 1.39 HLTV 2.0 rating. However, he had a divine shield provided by Gorden Hornets, who were the real 6th player for Vitality.


NiKo: $2.65M -> $2.45M

We expected G2 to at least make the playoffs, but the team didn't manage to qualify. Therefore, prices were cut down for them. m0nesy: $2.6M - $2.5M.

cadiaN: $1.3M -> $1.55M

Casper Møller had an incredible tournament, and Heroic's confidence during the Legends Stage was amazing. Heroic is the most consistent team, even though they are not the Major Champions (yet).

Spinx: $1.2M -> $1.75M

An incredible performance with a 1.24 HLTV rating caused a significant change in Spinx's Market Value. He's 22 years old, and if Vitality keeps progressing, he might reach the $2M mark.


siuhy: $500K -> $1.1M

A great 20-year-old IGL who has all the chances to become a star if he continues grinding so hard. We initially rated him as a $500K player before the major because of his age and team performance, which might have been considered a high price. However, Kamil Szkaradek and GamerLegion were just amazing.

kyxsan: $82K -> $280K

One more IGL - a bright star from North Macedonia. He's 22 years old and achieved a top-4 finish in the Major with Apeks. We gave some credit to Damjan Stoilkovski and expect them to be more consistent in future tournaments. Now, both Apeks and GamerLegion will receive more invites, and we will see if kyxsan is still underrated.

acoR: $130K -> $370K

acoR is the most underrated overrated player of all time. We initially rated him as $750K when he joined MOUZ. However, he wasn't really consistent and has gotten older, so we decided that $130K is a fair price for the Danish player. But his flicks in Paris were astonishing. Keep working hard, Frederik!

headtr1ck: $700K -> $825K

Despite the fact that NiP showed the contraversy games during the event - we should feature headtr1ck and increase this price. His first major in the top team and with an amazing 1.18 HLTV 2.0 rating.

That's all for today. If you don't agree with our prices, feel free to reach out to us on our socials.


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