Price Update Announcement! (September 2023)

Price Update

We're excited to let you know that we'll soon be updating the prices for over 300 players. We've improved our model and added some recent transfer data, though it may not be entirely accurate for those who aren't familiar with market values and transfer prices.

To make it clear, we use complex math and data to estimate prices. We look at things like HLTV Stats, social media stats (Twitter, Twitch, Instagram), media presence, and demand. Each player gets a score based on about 60 factors, and then we compare that score to other players with known transfer prices from public news (and some from insiders).

About Leadership, Consistency, Media, Skills and Experience

Note, that we don't use pentagon numbers for player price estimates. Instead, we rely on algorithms, though we sometimes need to adjust things manually, especially for players in big organizations.

We do use Pentagon for general reference, but it's been on our website since the beginning.

Also, we are looking for partnerships with Media and Bloggers. If you are ready to sign an NDA agreement with us - we are always ready to show you more!

If you have questions about prices, suggestions, or more details to share, feel free to reach out to us at or message our Product Owner on Discord at solutiontv.

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blameF extended his contract with Astralis until the end of December 2025

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