Daniil Valitov, 18 y.o.


Ninjas in Pyjamas

headtr1ck, headtrick


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Daniil Valitov’s bio

Headtr1ck is a well-known name in the Esports world, known for his exceptional gaming skills and market value of $760K. With years of experience in the industry, he has established himself as a top-tier player, attracting the attention of fans and top organizations alike.

Born and raised in the gaming community, Headtr1ck's passion for gaming started at a young age. He honed his skills through countless hours of practice and eventually gained recognition for his exceptional gameplay. His hard work and determination paid off when he was signed by a top Esports organization, where he quickly rose to fame.

With a passion for winning and a love for the game, Headtr1ck has competed in numerous tournaments, earning numerous accolades and prizes. His gaming expertise and impressive record have made him one of the most sought-after players in the industry, with his market value reflecting his popularity and skill.

In addition to his gaming skills, Headtr1ck is also known for his outgoing personality and his commitment to his fans. He is active on social media, sharing his gaming experiences, tips, and tricks with his followers. With a strong online presence, he has gained a massive following, making him a highly influential figure in the Esports community.

Overall, Headtr1ck's talent, dedication, and love for gaming have made him a standout player in the Esports industry. With a market value of $760K, he continues to inspire and motivate others in the gaming community, making him a true legend in the world of Esports.

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